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Sender ID Branding

Using the Sender ID Branding feature means that there is inevitably more space for text in the body of the message. Since you do not have to include the message sender in the body text, this leaves more room for the important content. This is what will be shown in the TO field when the message is delivered to a mobile phone. E.g. I.C.G.C., BBC, VOA, Makola, etc.

Voice SMS (New)

Use Voice SMS to record & send voice message via SMS. Use your own voice to record your message.

Custom Built SMS Solutions

The flexibility of the BulkSMS Ghana Server platform enables BulkSMS Ghana to custom build an sms service to your requirements.

BulkSMS Ghana provides a range of innovative solutions to enable businesses to capitalize on the improved communication opportunities presented by the burgeoning mobile market.

Bulk Messaging Solution for Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Societies, Airlines, Tourism, Banks/Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Many more.
Send Bulk SMS or text from your PC to Mobile anytime and anywhere in the world. Using our website interface, you can schedule the time that you want your messages to reach your clients. If you are sending a single message to about a 1000 people, each person can receive the message with his own name.

BulkSMS Ghana helps Companies with their Marketing and Advertising Campaigns by providing them with targeted advertising. BulkSMS Ghana has access to a database of all mobile phone users in Ghana. We thus offer our client the opportunity of reaching the right people.

Customise, personalise and give people what they want:

Any meaningful and enduring marketing relationship is built on relevance for the end user. Value needs to be carried from the communicator to the recipient for the message to result in return value for the sender. It is therefore imperative that the message be personalised and customised as much as possible.

If you travel from one city to another regularly, a note advertising reduced fares between those cities will definitely rouse your attention. And yet there are many companies and web services, which do not pay attention to purchase histories, and will simply send generic messages to their client bases. So, instead of receiving some pertinent information that relates directly to them, the client receives a message that may be of no use at all.

Customising the message does not only lie within the content of the message itself, but consideration should also be made for the geography, time zone, culture, understanding of technologies etc. etc.

Starting with an excel spreadsheet containing the recipients mobile numbers, and up to 5 additional variables (such as name, surname, title etc.), the user is able to upload their database directly into their Communicator Account.

Once uploaded, the client can write a single message, and deliver it to all (or some) of the recipients in the database, and populate it with the variables. For example, if the user uploads a spreadsheet with mobile numbers, names, and account balances, they would be able to send, in one action, a message to every person in the database with their names and account balances included.

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